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The Genesis...

I vividly remember, as early as 10 years old, beginning to wonder to myself, “What are the keys to feeling truly fulfilled in this life?"  

By the time I moved through middle school, high school and then into college, finding the answer to this question became a mild obsession. 

By the time I graduated from college, it had become a strong obsession.  

Once I was out of college, I began paying close attention to how most women tended to “do life.” And it left a lot to be desired.

The norm was way too much rippin’ and runnin,’ overwhelm, “busy-ness,” stress, over-doing, frenetic rushing, and “efforting.” I witnessed it going on all around me, amongst both single and married women.  

I knew in my heart that this was not the way God intended for me to live. I refused to believe that THIS was the best life had to offer, or how it had to be... 

I also knew that I wanted to BREAK OUT and break away from these common patterns.

I wanted to find a different way to experience life.

I quickly came to realize that the very basis of the Western American “Chase/Pursuit” model of life is based in scarcity, negative competition, harsh judgment, guilt, insecurities, comparison, feeling inadequate, and incessant DO-ing. One thing this warped model creates, for certain, is a TON of stress and a LOT of discontent.

Being caught up in this “constant striving/pursuit” Mode that we call the “American Dream” is tiring. It doesn’t feel good, and it puts a strain on your mind, body and spirit.

And regardless of all of our modern conveniences and efficiencies, fancy cell phones, sleek laptops, shiny social media posts, too many of us STILL feel an inner discontent and an inner restlessness.

Many of us are plain tired.

Our bodies and spirits are tired. We feel worn out or worn down. 

Especially as Black women, we’ve been towing the line, holding it together, or holding it down in our families, churches, workplaces and communities for a long, long time. And I’ve seen how this can wreak HAVOC on us and in us, and can leave us feeling resentful, highly frustrated, depleted, under-appreciated, deeply disappointed, or all the above.

Yet we desire to experience deeper joy, peace, more ease, manifestation with less effort, and more FLOW in our lives. We yearn for spiritual renewal and rejuvenation. We yearn to feel more connected to ourselves, to our joy and to God; to feel lighter, UN-burdened, and INNER-gized.

I believe that the pandemic was to serve, among many things, as a critical “line of demarcation,” a clear delineation that was to mark the leaving behind of this strained mode of living, and its beliefs and level of thinking. It was a wake-up call and a jolting clarion call for a NEW mode and a NEW paradigm for living. To me, the pandemic also signaled that the old “pursuit/chase” paradigm was tired, expired and needed to be permanently RETIRED! Even on this side of the global pandemic, there are STILL too many of us ensnared in this frazzling ”pursuit” lifestyle, though our minds, bodies and especially our spirits are crying out for something different.

I’ve come to understand WHY and HOW deeper joy, more peace, manifestation with more ease, prosperity, and FLOW is eluding so many women.

Truth is, the norms, beliefs, mindset and thinking that we’ve inherited about life, about being a woman, and about how to feel deeply fulfilled, are based in inhibiting social, gender, and cultural “programming” that actually hinders us from experiencing the very things our hearts desire.

I use the acronym H. A. V. O. C. C. C. to also summarize some of the negative “side effects” of this “Pursuit- Strive-Strain” Mode on our minds, bodies and spirits. It can produce a “condition” marked by:

H = Heart partially closed, or partially “hardened” 

A = Avoiding Healing

V = Voice suppressed

O = Out of order (disorder, chaos, overwhelm, clutter)

C = Conflicted (inner conflict, inner restlessness)

C = Constricted (operating from limiting and constricting beliefs and thoughts)

C = Contained (staying inside of our “comfort zones” and not living fully self-expressed lives)

I became determined to find a different way to live, a different mode and model for me as a woman that was more relaxed, honored my feminine spirit and essence, and gave me an IN-sperience of deep joy and peace, and an EX-perience of more ease and FLOW. 

I was determined to find it....AND I DID.  I call this NEW mode of living and BE-ing a Sacred Self-Caring Woman.

My “quest” to discover the answers to my 10-year old self’s question was also the inspiration and impetus for Sacred Pampering Principles, my first nationally published best-selling book, released nearly 25 years ago, with sales still going strong!  

When it was nationally published, Sacred Pampering Principles quickly became a best-selling classic, and it continues to be a best-seller almost 25 years later, especially amongst Black women. It is recognized as the ground-breaking book that ushered the concept of self-care fully into the sub-culture and vernacular of African-American women. Sacred Pampering Principles introduced us to the transforming power of SACRED self-care and laid the groundwork for a refreshing NEW paradigm based upon the premises, principles and practices of living and BE-ing a Sacred Self-Caring Woman.

I’m thrilled to be able to say that its message CONTINUES to resonate with women, even all these years later. (Due to the fresh surges in sales during the pandemic, my publisher, HarperCollins, recently released it in a new form - as an audiobook.)

I continue to be super passionate about teaching and reaching women with this powerful message - now numbering over 170,000 women reached, over these past 20 years. Time and time again, I’ve witnessed what happens when a woman makes the shift to this NEW mode and NEW paradigm: it liberates her to live a FULLER more self-expressed life; it opens her hearts; empowers her voice; activates healing, emboldens her to swing out of her “comfort zone;” it brings more energy, clarity, joy, spiritual nourishment, ease, FLOW, prosperity, and peace. 

It creates FREER versions of ourselves, and yields a breed of women who are more in touch with and comfortable in their feminine energy and power.

Now, thousands and thousands of women later, through my books, programs, empowerment events, private and group coaching, courses, Elite Retreats, seminars, and workshops, I have seen the profound and undeniable evidence of the difference this NEW Sacred Self-Caring paradigm makes in our minds, bodies, spirits, relationships and lives. And it’s far more than just progress, change or a marginal difference, it’s a TRANSFORMATIONAL difference. (Think: Caterpillar to butterfly)

This is why I created The LIFE LAB Membership Experience, my new, signature membership experience. It is the teaching and mentoring "training ground" for elevating to this NEW paradigm for living.

What is the Life Lab?

The LIFE LAB is a unique membership journey that introduces you to this elevated NEW Paradigm and Life Framework that I call living and BE-ing a Sacred Self-Caring Woman. 

The LIFE LAB is a HYBRID membership MODEL that includes self-study combined with live, real-time teachings and Q & A through each month’s Sacred Summit, and a self-paced design combined with the support and accountability of a community of other positive, progressive, like-spirited women.  

Over the course of the Life Lab membership journey, you are led and guided through the process of laying a NEW foundation for yourself and your life. I share with you a specific set of liberating spiritually-based truths, premises, principles and practices that lay the FOUNDATION for Living as a JOY-FULL SENSUOUS, self-expressed Sacred Self-Caring Woman. 

As a LIFE LAB member, you receive monthly teachings, mentoring and guidance, in the form of powerful MONTHLY MODULES. 

Remember high school science Lab? A LAB is a place where you are encouraged to discover, uncover, test out, confirm, and experiment. In the LIFE LAB, it’s about learning, observing, noticing, applying, practicing, and refining as you are introduced, step by step, and monthly module by monthly module, to this NEW Sacred Self-Caring Woman paradigm and Framework for Living.

Through the monthly modules, which consist of essential Life Lessons, "LifeWork" assignments, gifts, aids and tools, your Life Lab Workbook, our private Facebook membership community, and our monthly live, real-time virtual Sacred Summit Zoom gatherings together, I will walk you through the process of laying a NEW lie foundation that elevates and UPLEVELS your thinking and mindset, your understanding about Life and yourself as a woman, as a divine being, and about how to DESIGN and live a life that works WITH your feminine spirit and essence instead of against it.

This NEW paradigm taught in the LIFE LAB is about feeding, nourishing and fortifying your spirit, mind and divine body temple, as central organizing principles of your daily life; and then watching and experiencing the profoundly positive impact it has on you AND also others in your life.


  • HONORS your spirit instead of beats it up or depletes it,
  • ALIGNS with your Divine Design instead of violates it,
  • RELATES to your body as a divine living temple instead of a “thing” to take care of;
  • SUPPORTS you having a clear mind instead of one that is overwhelmed or entangled in constant comparison or negative self-judgment;
  • FEEDS AND NOURISHES your Feminine Essence and Feminine Core,
  • ALLOWS your heart to RELAX and open,
  • and ENABLES your Feminine Spirit to RECEIVE.

Everybody wins when you live as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman.

Who is the Life Lab for?

It is especially for YOU if you desire:

  • To understand the truth of WHO you are as a woman, and how you are created as a Living Gift (We cover this in Module 1 and 2)
  • To wake up each day excited and, looking forward to your day, because you know that you’re the C. D. O of your Life - Chief Design Officer (we cover this in Module 2)
  • To live more deeply connected to your own inner joy (we cover this in Module 3) 
  • To experience a full spirit, an open heart, and the ability to manifest your intentions and heart’s desires more quickly and with LESS “efforting” (we cover this in Module 4)
  • To better understand the 4 key spiritual laws that govern Life, and how to align WITH them instead of work against them (which creates unnecessary struggle, stress, repeated negative patterns, and cycles of poor decision-making and toxic habits) - ( we cover this in Module 4)
  • To develop a true understanding of how to “have it all” without having to DO IT ALL by yourself, and with more ease and elegance (we cover this in Module 5)
  • To experience more peace and ease, both internally and externally, in your personal and professional life, friendships, family relationships, and your love relationships or marriage (We cover this in module 5)
  • Shift out of forcing it, doing too much, over-doing, and controlling or overly-controlling others (we cover this in Module 5)
  • Learn how to manage your energy so that you can experience more ease and spaciousness in your life (We cover this in Module 5)
  • Discover how to renew your mind, body, spirit, beliefs, and your thinking and move in accord with your own inner current and rhythm (we cover this in Module 5)
  • To elevate your relationship with your body to understanding “her” as a divine body temple (we cover this in Module 6)
  • To develop a deeper, more intimate and rewarding relationship with God through Sacred Prayer and Meditation (we cover this in module 7)
  • Understand how to unblock your blessings and activate the power of your tongue/spoken Word (we cover this in Module 8)
  • Increase your personal power by closing gaps and sealing up holes in your life (we cover this in Module 9)
  • To tap into and increase your natural feminine magnetism (we cover this in Module 11)
  • Learn how to use forgiveness to open your heart and get emotionally free (we cover this in Module 10 and 11)
  • To be emotionally and spiritually FREE to love yourself, men, others, your body temple, and your life (we cover this in Module 10 and 11)), and
  • Expand and elevate your Deservingness Threshold and your Prosperity Consciousness (we cover this in Module 12)

And all of this inside of a membership community where you can cultivate vibrant, reciprocal friendships with other positive, high-frequency, growth-oriented women

The LIFE LAB is for you if you KNOW, deep in her heart, that you deserve to live a life of deeper satisfaction and fulfillment.

Through this journey, it is my hope that you begin to REALIZE, believe, know and experience that, yes, you can design and live a life that fulfills the desires of your heart – you CAN have a JUICY LIFE. As a matter of fact, you are DESIGNED to.

What benefits and impact can you expect from the Life Lab?

  • Being more self-expressed in your life, business, career or love relationships
  • To get weaned off of over-doing, controlling and being overly controlling
  • Being more in tune with your own rhythm in her life,
  • Experiencing open-hearted, “Resistance-Free” Loving
  • Understand your Feminine Essence and what nourishes it
  • Elevation to a higher level of self-love;
  • Experiencing new levels of success in your business or career
  • Being more comfortable in your Feminine Power, Brilliance and Beauty, 
  • Able to nourish your Feminine Core, 
  • Understand your Feminine Essence and what nourishes it
  •  More readily and easily bringing your voice forward 
  • Elevation to a higher level of self-love; 
  • To Attract more positive male attention
  • Being a better steward of your money and your energy
  • Ending old, toxic, unhealthy or disabling patterns and habits
  • Unwrap and more fully contribute your gifts, talents and skills to the world; 
  • Living with your heart more open, and thus being more trusting (of yourself first, and consequently, others)
  • Loving more easily and generously; 
  • A life of more order, beauty and ease
  • Leaning in to begin doing your healing work instead of avoiding it;
  • Being an intentional Manifestress, 
  • and becoming more radiant and JUICY!  

Can you answer YES to these THREE questions?

  1. Are you teachable and coachable?
  2. Are you willing to operate in High Integrity?
  3. Are you open to re-orienting and elevating yourself and your life to a NEW paradigm?  

If you can answer YES to all three of these questions, you are invited to join us on this journey!

I believe that with each and every additional woman that makes this shift and begins to operate from this NEW paradigm of living as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman, it moves us collectively closer and closer to reaching a critical mass. This Tipping Point shifts us, as women, OUT of the out-dated definition of self-care as “things you to do to be good to yourself,” or treating self-care as a reward, or grooming, hygiene or understanding how to live in a way that deeper joy, peace, ease, prosperity, manifestation, and FLOW are our NEW NORM, and are the natural “by-products” and the natural results of how we live, move, engage, relate and BE. THIS IS A MOVEMENT!!

“Not only have I learned how to manage my life better, I’ve learned how to live a more intentional life.”

Bridget Smith

“I was able to ascend to a juicier, more aware, non-judgemental and centered version of myself.”

Kiana Gandy

How does the Life Lab work?

The LIFE LAB includes Monthly Life Lessons, Monthly “LifeWork” assignments, a featured monthly gift or tool that serves as an aid in anchoring the month’s Life Lesson, a Monthly live, real-time Sacred Summit with Debrena and the other amazing women in the LIFE LAB Community via Zoom; a member Workbook; and a private Facebook membership community for support, inspiration, discussion and accountability. 

What you learn here can impact your mind, body, spirit, finances, self-concept, relationships, business, career, parenting, love relationships, and your very understanding of life.

How Is it Structured?

The LIFE LAB is structured around a series of sequenced, self-paced modules, one per month. It is an on-going program, so once you complete your first cycle of 12 modules you then continue on to the next cycle of 12 more modules, one per month, and so on.    

You receive...

  1. a pre-recorded monthly Life Lesson in the form of a teaching or training by Debrena,
  2. an accompanying monthly LifeWork assignment;
  3. a monthly e-gift or tool to support your learning;
  4. a monthly gathering of all members for the Monthly Sacred Summit via Zoom. This is a real-time monthly gathering of members where you receive deeper teachings in the art of living and BE-ing a Sacred Self-caring Woman, and you also an opportunity for real-time Q & A with Debrena;
  5. a member workbook; and
  6. a private membership Facebook page.

What are some of the life lessons covered?

Understanding your Divine Identity as a Woman

How to connect to your Joy

How to identify and close holes, gaps, and incongruencies in life
The 3 Key Foundational Spiritual Laws of a Sacred Self-Caring Life

Adopting the beliefs and mindset of a Sacred Self-Caring Woman

Becoming a Gracious Receiver

Living with more Ease and Flow

Learning to RELAX your mind, body and spirit

Feeding your Feminine Core

Healing: What it is, what it isn’t, and where to begin

The Sacred Self-Care Basics

Treating Your Body as a Divine Living Temple

Wisely Managing your Energy (not just your time)

The Power of daily prayer and meditation as a sacred practice

Developing a Prosperity Consciousness

”Debrena taught me to design and live my life in a way that I can be fully expressed.”

Janna Zinzi

Meet Your Life Lab Teacher & Mentor, Debrena Jackson Gandy

As the Founder and President of a multi-million dollar personal and business development company; nationally published best-selling author; keynote speaker, transformational facilitator, world traveler, mentor to 16 leaders, mother of three adult children and a wife, Debrena has been described as true Renaissance Woman that walks the walk, practices what she preaches, and LIVES what she teaches.

She shares the premises, keys, principles and practices of a NEW paradigm she calls living and BE-ing a Sacred Self-Caring Woman, through her books, keynotes, seminars, courses, retreats and programs. She has touched and impacted over 170,000 women (and increasing numbers of men) in the U. S. and internationally.

As Founder of the Juicy Woman Universe-ity and Creator of the Juicy Woman Lifestyle, her books, teachings, courses and programs, have created a Movement that is steadily gaining momentum as more and more women elevate, make the upward shift, and are positively impacted by living as Sacred Self-Caring Women.

Debrena is an extraordinarily effective Master Life Coach, Facilitator of Healing, Mentor, and Spiritual Activator that is committed to teaching, mentoring and guiding women to a new way of being, where feeling guilty for honoring our own minds, bodies and spirits; having a hard time saying no, or having a hard time asking for help, are ALL OBSOLETE. She is helping women to exile and banish long-stand patterns of do-ing way too much and over-doing, creating others’ dependency on us, or struggling with allowing support, bringing their voices forward, or receiving graciously. 

She’s been seen on national TV on CNN, CNN Live, Sistercircle, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, Good Day D. C.; in magazines such as Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise and Woman’s Day, and a recurring TV show guest on regional News shows in Seattle and Portland. Formerly, she was a TV show host for TBN’s Seattle/Tacoma Affiliate.

Her vision, mission and body of Life Work is about loving on women and helping women, especially Black women, make the transformational shift to BE-ing Sacred Self-Caring women and experiencing what she calls the Juicy Woman Lifestyle, as our “new norm” for living.

What Sets Debrena apart as a Teacher, Mentor, Guide and Coach?

A personal message from Debrena…

Hello, Magnificent One - 

I am serious about operating in high integrity, and LIVING what I teach – this means that I put high value on my public and personal life matching, and being congruent and aligned so that I am being about what I say I’m about….What you see publicly is also who you get in my personal life. My intention is no contradictions. No hypocrisy. No faking it, no pretense, no posturing, and no living a double life – you won’t find me projecting a “shiny, positive, hyped image” publicly and then being a totally different way privately.

I have been immersed in living as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman for over 20 years. For me, this is not a social media fad, or pop culture trend for me. It’s a lifestyle and a way of life.

As a Master Life Coach, and Teacher, Trainer and Mentor with 20 years of experience, I teach from timeless, spiritually-based principles and truths embedded in Holy Scripture, so these teachings transcend my opinions or the latest social media memes.

I am passionate about helping women get FREE and live JUICY LIVES, and I have a very special place in my heart for my African-American sistahs.

I am fortunate to be the owner of a successful company that has generated multiple millions, a juicily married woman, world traveler and an ecstatic mother of three amazing and beautiful daughters. I have a serious commitment to being a living demonstration of what I teach, and I strive to be a living example of holistic success (inner peace, connected to her joy, and experiencing the fruit of prosperity in all areas of her life).

I care about my magnificent members, and me and my staff are willing to go the extra mile to create a culture of true caring and LOVE for you.

From my years of being a Master Life Coach and a nationally-published best-selling author, and 20 years of being a Transformational Facilitator and Spiritual Activator, I am bringing you some of my yummiest and most transformational teachings and insights here in The Life Lab.

What I’m teaching you is already proven, tried and tested. I have witnessed first-hand in the lives of thousands of women, time and time and time AGAIN, and in my own lived experience the profound impact of living from this NEW paradigm. It CHANGES you, deeply, and for the better, and also, everyone that is connected to you wins, too. 

I am thrilled, delighted, honored and excited to be your Teacher, Guide and Mentor on this journey, and for you to begin to personally experience the “Power of the Paradigm.” I hope you are a YES to joining us!

As seen in/on...

What else do women say about working with Debrena?

“God used Debrena’s wisdom, expertise and love… help me re-open my heart to love and trust again.”

Bev Gibson

“I now enjoy deep, supportive relationships. My self-care practices…are now built into my life.”

Kiana Gandy

“Cutting my hair was a significant change that I attribute to the transformation and newness I experienced through working with Debrena"

Bibi Gnagno

The Life Lab Private Membership


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join the LIFE LAB?

Since it is an ongoing open enrollment membership experience, you can join at any time. The LIFE LAB is structured on a cycle of 12 monthly modules.

And then following the first 12 modules, there is another set of 12 modules available, that are more advanced. We recommend being in the LIFE LAB for at least 12 months, and then consider continuing into the next 12-month cycle of modules.

How do I access the Monthly Life Lessons, Gifts/Tools, Assignments, etc?

These are all available within the membership platform (you get to determine your username and password upon enrollment). The exception is the Monthly Sacred Summits. They don’t take place within the LIFE LAB membership platform. These occur via Zoom, real-time, on 4th Tuesdays (Transformation Tuesdays). Call replays will be available in the membership area.

How is my payment processed monthly?

Payments are securely and automatically processed monthly (unless you opted for the paid-in-full plan), on approximately the same date of each month. That date is based on your initial enrollment date and occurs approximately every 30 days.

What if my membership payment doesn’t go through?

The first time your payment fails, you'll be sent an email letting you know that your payment didn’t go through. You can then update your payment information before billing is attempted again.

We will automatically attempt to bill again on the 3rd, 7th, and 14th day after the initial attempt. If the final attempt fails, you will be automatically removed from The Life Lab.

What happens if I pay in full and then cancel my membership?

If you pay in full, and then cancel your membership PRIOR to your 12-month cycle, there are no refunds.  You will be given a dollar equivalent credit for your balance, that can be used for future, SELECT Debrena Jackson Gandy courses, masterclasses, programs, or events.

Can I cancel my monthly membership?

You can choose to cease your membership at any time and at any point in time. Simply navigate to your account profile to manage active subscriptions.

How does the self-paced aspect of the LIFE LAB work?

The self-paced modules are sequenced. You have to complete a module before you move on to the next. 


Our hope is that your journey through the first 12 month cycle, and then continue for the second round of 12 months, which offer new and more advanced Lessons and content.